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Day trip to Sicily

Prestige Cabs Malta is a combination of comfortable travel and efficient service. We get you to your destination smoothly, punctually and above all safely. We also fully understand how that little bit of extra time to prepare for that essential meeting or important client is Priceless!

Day Trip to Sicily (Sightseeing Excursions to Sicily)

Discover how your business could benefit from the special rates we offer to corporate customers. If you need assistance in organising day trips, business trips or corporate events, we are here to help. Just give us a shout and we’ll be there for you. Our priority is that you manage your tight itinerary and also squeeze in a bit of time to indulge and see the island's jewels in comfort and relaxation. Contact us about our customised tours.


Car Quad and Motorbike Hire, Sightseeing tours Malta

Car Hire. Quad Bike and Motorbike Hire Services
No matter why or when you visit Malta, there is always something for everyone to do. Should you wish to explore the hidden gems of the Maltese Islands at your own pace, Prestige Cabs Malta also provides; car, quad bike and motorbike hire services to meet your needs.
We can have cars delivered to the Malta International Airport for convenient pick up on arrival or should you wish, it could also be waiting for you at the hotel. When in Malta, rest assured that Prestige Cabs will strive to enhance your experience on our islands by guaranteeing personalised services and competitive pricing.